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About us


International Place of Hope Ministry, doing business as (DBA), Place of Hope Ministries, is an end-time prophetic and deliverance organization founded on the basis of making a positive impact in the lives of vulnerable people in society. The organization’s primary mission is to provide care, support, and empowerment for poor widows/widowers, prisoners, victims/survivors of physical abuse such as domestic and gender-based violence, and physically challenged individuals.
Place of Hope Ministries is committed to promoting social justice and equity for all individuals, regardless of their backgrounds, beliefs, or circumstances. The organization recognizes that widows/widowers, prisoners, physically challenged individuals, and physically abused people often face significant social and economic barriers, and it aims to help these groups overcome these obstacles through its various programs.
The organization’s programs include providing basic survival needs such as medical care, food items, shelter, and clothing, as well as education, and skills training to enable beneficiaries to become useful and self-sufficient.

Our Value


Our goal is to help people in need in developing nations to provide them with a better quality of life. Our objectives include the following:

❖ To give practical assistance and support to poor widows/widowers, prisoners, and victims/survivors of physical abuse such as domestic and gender-based violence, and the physically challenged individuals in target countries, including food items, shelter, clothing, and medical care

❖ To offer emotional support and spiritual guidance to those struggling, helping them find Hope and strength in their faith.

❖ To raise awareness about the issues facing those we serve, including poverty, incarceration, and domestic violence, and advocate for policies that address these challenges.

❖ To build a community of caring individuals committed to serving others with compassion and kindness.

❖ To partner with other organizations and stakeholders to create sustainable solutions that address the root causes of poverty, incarceration, and abuse.

Our story


Our mission is to provide compassionate support and practical assistance to those facing difficult circumstances, including poor widows/widowers, prisoners, and victims of physical abuse/ survivors of domestic and gender-based violence.



We are working together as a team to serve with:
❖ Hope
❖ Courage
❖ Faith
❖ Love
❖ Service
❖ Forgiveness
❖ Compassion
❖ Spirituality
❖ Integrity
❖ Kindnessce
Worship services
Community outreach and charity work
Counseling and pastoral care